Casella Sales & Marketing has built a winning combination that includes, a dedicated and experienced staff, and a great line up of quality manufacturers. Since Casella Sales & Marketing was founded in 1997 the company has emerged as one of the leading distributors for Sanitary Flow Products servicing the Pharmaceutical and Bio-Tech industries of New England. We contribute our success and growth to our dedication to serving our customers.

“The company’s main focus has and will always be, “To Service the Customer”.
Bob Casella

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High Purity Plastic Diaphragm Valves

For more than 30 years GEMÜ has had extensive experience in the production of diaphragm valves for demanding applications.

Our PVDF and PFA High Purity valve range is developed and produced for:

  • Process Equipment
  • Ultra Pure Chemicals
  • Ultra Pure Water Treatment
  • Distribution Plants for microchip production.

Despite the breakneck speed of scientific and technical development in practically every sector, the implementation of successful scientific research in practical production engineering situations is often blocked by the problems and requirements encountered in high-tech series production.  An added difficulty is the diversity of statutory regulations.



access2.jpg (11252 bytes)The standard GEMÜ diaphragm valve body can be supplied with various porting options, providing access to the process systems. These ports are used to connect purge, steam, CIP or sampling devices.  Due to the design of our forged valve bodies, same size access ports can be provided.

Various end connections such as buttweld, triclamp, compression fittings, etc. can be supplied per customer specification.


By-Pass  Valves

bypass.jpg (9817 bytes)The standard GEMÜ diaphragm valve body can be supplied with a “By-Pass” valve machined into the main valve body. This design enables a smaller amount of process medium to flow through the valve by-passing the weir of the main valve. The valve is designed to be self-draining when installed in the horizontal or vertical position.


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