3-point Controller 1286 & 1289

The E-Module type series 1286 and 1289 is for the manual or automatic setting or control of motorized valves, hence for GEMÜ type series 413/418, 613/618 and 693/698.

The valve adjustment "open" and "closed" is initiated by a relay.   This energizes the valve actuator until the differences between the actual and the required valve setting is less than the control hysteresis, i.e. it readjusts the valve position.

Over the whole of the control range, switching points are adjustable as minimum and maximum values by means of a potentiometer.  These points are indicated by LED’s and the presence of the supply voltage is also indicated by a mains LED.

In addition, on the type 1289, the actual travel of the valve is shown by a chain of LED’s in the form of a rising column of light.  By linking an internal bridge, the set value (required value) can be indicated.

The module provides a standardized output signal which can be 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20mA.   This output signal can be used for external indication or for further processing of the signal corresponding to the valve position.

Type 1286
Eurocard for 10/24" rack with 31 pole terminal strip complying with DIN 41617


Type 1289
Eurocard for 10/24" rack with 31 pole terminal strip complying with DIN 41617 and additional LED indication (light column)


Ordering Information

Types For Type Series Ordering Ref.
Type 1286 *413, 418, 613, 618, 693, 698 1286/000/Z 00
Type 1286 **901, 1270, 1271 1286/000/Z 01
Type 1289 *413, 418, 613, 618, 693, 698 1289/000/Z 00
Type 1289 **901, 1270, 1271 1289/000/Z 01

*Dead zone setting 0.5 – 5%
**Dead zone setting 1.5 – 15%

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