Pressure Transducer

Pressure transducer in an all-plastic housing for relative pressure measurements for 0-10 bar (0-150 psi).

The pressure transducer type 3120 converts the physical variable pressure proportionally into an electrical signal.  It is available in the form of a two-wire transducer (4-20mA) and as a pressure measuring instrument with an optional power (0/4-20mA) or relay output (MIN and MAX switching points).  The pick-up is temperature compensated.

The element connecting the transducer to the pipeline is configured as standard with male thread, optionally to DIN 3852 or DIN 16288, in sizes G 1/4 A, G 1/2 A and G 3/4 A.

Electrical connections are effected using an electrical plug in compliance with DIN 43650, PG 11.

The transducer can be mounted in any position.

After screwing in the connecting element, the upper part of the housing can be turned up to ±180° to the required position by releasing the fastening screws.

Components coming into contact with the medium are made of PVDF or stainless steel, the housing is made of ABS and the seal of FPM.  Other seal materials are available on request.

Type 3120

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