Digital Display Unit

A panel mountable unit for display of standard electrical signals used in measurement and control engineering applications.

The units are available as either models ZA (3½-digit) or ZB, ZP (4½-digit) and comply with standard mounting dimensions 96 x 48 mm.  They are both fitted with 14mm high red LED displays and are accurate to 0.1% of the effective range limit.  The display value is easily set using the two-point method, by applying respective measurement signals and setting the required display variable. The use of various supply voltages and optional  sensor supply contribute to the universal applicability of the display units.  While in the ZA and ZB models, the setting potentiometer is located safely behind the protective front panel away from unauthorized access, the model ZP can be digitally programmed at the front using a disconnectable keypad and also equipped with up to a maximum of 4 relay contacts and an analogue output or digital serial interface.

The digital display units of the 1275 series are used in mechanical installations, as evaluating units for pressure gauges and temperature monitoring devices, as indicators for flow meters or to display electrical signals of the kind supplied by all GEMÜ sensors and pick-ups.

They are used as units for measured value acquisition for computers.  The a precision display in any required unit of measurement, simple limiting value adjustment and range of useful options, these digital indicator models provide an invaluable aid to operating staff.

Type 1275/000/ZA and ZB (Basic configuration)

Type 1275/000/ZP (Multi-function display)

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