Solenoid Valves

Types 320, 322, 324

Directly controlled 3/2 way plastic solenoid valve for inert gases, with emergency manual operator.  Due to its low power consumption it can be controlled by computers.  Control functions are either normally open or normally closed.

The uniform basic construction of the three types in the series 320, 322, and 324 makes many applications possible without special additional components.

The valve, consisting of a solenoid system with a plastic cover and a valve body is very easy to dismantle so that the parts can be replaced separately.  In addition to automatic operation, the valve can be opened or closed manually.  Threaded inserts in the valve body provide an additional mounting facility for panels and standard tracks.   The various possibilities for connection provide optimal installation conditions.

Type 320

Connections: threaded sockets, straight through configuration, suitable for single valve applications.




Type 322

Connections: threaded sockets, inlet and outlet arranged at an angle of 900 suitable for battery mounting.   May also be used as a single valve.



Type 324

Connections:   threaded sockets, inlet and outlet arranged at an angle of 900 suitable for direct mounting on process valve by hollow screw with 1/4" or 1/8" BSP thread.



Types 332/334

The valve consists of an epoxy encapsulated solenoid and a plastic body and can easily be adapted for battery mounting (all necessary parts are included: mounting clips, o-ring, threaded plug).  Type 334 can be directly mounted to the valve actuator by means of a hollow bolt.  Threaded inserts in the valve body provide additional mounting points.

The solenoid system is hermetically separated from the working medium.  The central fastening nut enables the solenoid to be replaced without interrupting the flow.   A standard plug is supplied with each valve.

The valve has a manual override facility.

Type 332

Type 334

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