Surface Finishes

Ever increasing purity requirements in the pharmaceutical and bio-technology industries require surfaces in contact with wet processes to have finishes that meet BPE standards.

GEMÜ provides the highest quality surface finishes in the industry. Multiple surface readings are taken on every valve to ensure the highest quality.


GEMÜ’s electro-polishing is performed in a 12-station electro-polishing process which includes proper pre and post cleaning as well as passivation of all parts. The results of eletropolishing can not be achieved by no other method of polishing. You can achieve bright and shiny appearances by Mechanical polishing, but it may leave the surface layer distorted, highly stressed, and contaminated with grinding media.

Some benefits of electropolishing are:

  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Cleaner surface of the “wet contact” areas
  • Removal of surface occlusions
  • Reduce surface friction
32 µ-in 25 µ-in 20 µ-in 11 µ-in
Old Code New Code  
3 3 32 µin-max (.89 µm, 150 grit) Interior, Foundry exterior
5 1502 25 µin-max (.64 µm, 180 grit) Interior, Foundry exterior
6 1508 20 µin-max (.64 µm, 180 grit) Interior, Electropolish int./ext.
7 1507 20 µin-max (.51 µm, 240 grit) Interior, Foundry exterior
8 1537 15 µin-max (.51 µm, 240 grit) Interior, Electropolish int./ext.
9 1536 11 µin-max (.28 µm, 320 grit) Interior, Foundry exterior
10 1516 10 µin-max (.28 µm, 320 grit) Interior, Electropolish int./ext.

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