BioTech Valves

Surface Finishes

Ever increasing purity requirements in the pharmaceutical and bio-technology industries require surfaces in contact with wet processes to have finishes that meet BPE standards.

GEMÜ provides the highest quality surface finishes in the industry. Multiple surface readings are taken on every valve to ensure the highest quality.


GEMÜ’s electro-polishing is performed in a 12-station electro-polishing process which includes proper pre and post cleaning as well as passivation of all parts. The results of eletropolishing can not be achieved by no other method of polishing. You can achieve bright and shiny appearances by Mechanical polishing, but it may leave the surface layer distorted, highly stressed, and contaminated with grinding media.

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Access Valves & Steam Blocks

access2.jpg (11252 bytes)The standard GEMÜ diaphragm valve body can be supplied with various porting options, providing access to the process systems. These ports are used to connect purge, steam, CIP or sampling devices.  Due to the design of our forged valve bodies, same size access ports can be provided.

Various end connections such as buttweld, triclamp, compression fittings, etc. can be supplied per customer specification.

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By-Pass Valves

bypass.jpg (9817 bytes)The standard GEMÜ diaphragm valve body can be supplied with a "By-Pass" valve machined into the main valve body. This design enables a smaller amount of process medium to flow through the valve by-passing the weir of the main valve. The valve is designed to be self-draining when installed in the horizontal or vertical position.
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Tank Bottom Valves

The design of the GEMÜ Tank Bottom Diaphragm Valve is based on the design of the standard diaphragm valve. However, unlike conventionally available tank valves, the GEMÜ Tank Bottom Valve is machined from solid bar stock.  Also, since this valve is not a welded construction, there is no reason to worry about non-fully penetrated or defective welds, which are potential areas of contamination.
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GMP & SAP Valves

The GEMÜ GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Valve is typically installed in a vertical position and the SAP (Sterile Access Port) valve in the horizontal position.

The funtion of a “T” fitting and a branch valve is combined into the valve body. The third port is located in line with the weir (point of seal). 

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Custom Fabrications

GEMÜ offers a wide range of custom designed multi-ported single block valve assemblies and cluster valve fabrications, which in most cases are designed in close cooperation with the customer (an engineering company, contractor or end user).

The valve fabrication or "valve cluster" is designed on AutoCAD, which enables easy daily exchange between the customer and GEMÜ. This enables GEMÜ to keep turn around time of a new design to a minimum.
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GEMÜ offers the "Zero Static T-Valve" and U-bend with an integrated sample valve, which is called the "Duplex Valve".

As pictured, the sample valve (size 1/4" to 1/2") is machined into the opposite side of the T-Valve, ensuring full drainability and a zero deadleg.

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Zero Deadleg T-Valves

The GEMÜ "Zero deadleg T-Valve" is machined from one piece of 316L barstock material. Unlike conventional designs, which are available to today’s pharmaceutical industry, this valve offers the advantage of total flexibility of size ranges regarding branch versus spool piece and still offers a total zero deadleg solution with full drainablilty. Also, since this valve is not a welded construction, there is no reason to worry about non-fully penetrated welds or even defective welds.

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Sanitary Diaphragm Valves

Continuously trained staff, modern data processing systems and machinery that is far above average, guarantee maximum quality and individuality from the arrival of orders to the finished product. Utilizing advanced three-dimensional design and the programming capabilities of our 5-axis machining centers, we can design and configure “application-oriented products”. Our computer can show special valve bodies such as T, Y, H, V, tank bottom and sampling geometries in the requested mounting orientation. Multi-ported bodies for diaphragm valves which can be sterilized already exists.
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