Why PVDF and PFA product lines?

Both are high-purity (HP) materials, both are fluoroplastics offering maximum resistance to aggressive media.  The difference between them lies in their stability properties. 

PVDF-HP has proven ideally suitable, for example, in the transportation of demineralized water (DI water).

PFA-HP, in contrast, is particularly suited to the handling of high-concentration and/or high-purity acids such as those used as etching agents in microelectronic applications.

These are only some of the almost endless possibilities offered by these two materials.

The valve body construction, we differentiate within our PFA product line between three basic types:

  • The PFA-HP inliner with non-carbon fiber-reinforced PVDF casing;
  • The PFA-HP inliner with carbon fiber-reinforced PVDF casing.
  • The solid PFA-HP by as in the Cleanstar® range

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