High Purity Valves

Clean Room Conditions

Cleanroom (Assembling, testing and packaging in clean room class 100 (VLF))

To ensure the ultimate in purity (no iron particle contamination), all GEMÜ high purity valves are injection molded, cleaned, assembled, tested and packed under cleanroom conditions.

Specially designed and built for GEMÜ HP-Products is a fully automated 3-chamber cleaning system. Precleaning with reclaimed DI-water, ultrasonic cleaning and final rinse with 18.2 MW DI-water ("all wetted parts" made of PVDF or Halar), drying (hot air, cleanroom class 1000).

Injection Molding

All high purity resins are molded in a separate cleanroom under laminar flow class 1000 conditions.

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FlareStar® Ultra Pure Tube Fittings

Fittings are designed for leak free performance with minimum dead space.  They are ideal for ultra pure fluid applications.  Reliable in high vibration applications, simple installation and access means compact piping and small cleanroom footprint.  All HP parts are manufactured in a cleanroom and provide the highest purity and chemical resistance.

FlareStar® tube fittings are available in  1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" nominal tube sizes.  Materials include PFA body with PFA, PVDF or carbon filled PFA nut options.  GEMÜ offers over 100 configurations.  Space saver flared ends and several adapters are also available.

Flared TubeFitting Body
Tube Nut

Male Connector

Female Elbow



Union Elbow Straight Union


Panel Mount Union Union Tee


Cap PVDF Nut (CPFA Nut on Request)



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Why PVDF and PFA product lines?

Both are high-purity (HP) materials, both are fluoroplastics offering maximum resistance to aggressive media.  The difference between them lies in their stability properties. 

PVDF-HP has proven ideally suitable, for example, in the transportation of demineralized water (DI water).

PFA-HP, in contrast, is particularly suited to the handling of high-concentration and/or high-purity acids such as those used as etching agents in microelectronic applications.

These are only some of the almost endless possibilities offered by these two materials.

The valve body construction, we differentiate within our PFA product line between three basic types:

  • The PFA-HP inliner with non-carbon fiber-reinforced PVDF casing;
  • The PFA-HP inliner with carbon fiber-reinforced PVDF casing.
  • The solid PFA-HP by as in the Cleanstar® range

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High Purity PFA

The molecular share of fluorine in PFA is 76%.  The fact that the bonding energy of carbon to fluorine is greater than that to hydrogen (occurring in PVDF) explains not only the higher temperature strength, but also the greater resistance to chemicals.

While PVDF is used primarily as a valve body and sealing material, PFA can be applied not only for valve bodies but also as a sealing material in diaphragms.

CleanStar®, the new metal free UHP PFA Valve range fulfils tomorrows requirements today.

Download the Technical Information Manual for the Clean Star® -Technical Information.pdf (right click on link, select "save as")
To view data sheets you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 

Type 607/617/677 Type 604/610/600 Type 613/693
2/2 way
manually operated
2/2 way
pneumatically operated
2/2 way


CleanStar® CleanStar® CleanStar®
C60 C67 C60/C67 T-Body
2/2 way
pneumatically operated
2/2 way
manually operated

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High Purity Plastic Diaphragm Valves

For more than 30 years GEMÜ has had extensive experience in the production of diaphragm valves for demanding applications.

Our PVDF and PFA High Purity valve range is developed and produced for:

  • Process Equipment
  • Ultra Pure Chemicals
  • Ultra Pure Water Treatment
  • Distribution Plants for microchip production.

Despite the breakneck speed of scientific and technical development in practically every sector, the implementation of successful scientific research in practical production engineering situations is often blocked by the problems and requirements encountered in high-tech series production.  An added difficulty is the diversity of statutory regulations.

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What We Do

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