Voltage Transformer

The E-module 1572 provides a power supply for d.c. actuators with integral motor protection from a specified a.c. voltage.

The E-module converts an a.c. voltage to a 20 V pulsed unidirectional voltage.

An external switch can be used to reverse the voltage polarity and hence the direction of rotation of d.c. actuators.

The respective end positions of the actuator, "open" or "closed" are indicated by LED’s (green LED or red LED).  The power supply is indicated by a yellow LED.

In parallel with the programmable outputs, an additional unsmoothed 20 V d.c. terminal is available (e.g. the pilot conductor for E-module 1570).

The voltage transformer is built into a universally compatible housing which is designed for panel mounting or direct attachment to the respective GEMÜ actuator.

The output voltage is protected by a 1.6 A fuse.

Voltage: 24 V d.c.
Permissible voltage variation: ± 10%
Power consumption: 2W
N.B.: A charging period of at least 16 h is required before putting the unit into service

Max. input/output loading:   24V d.c., 4A
Output voltage: 
UB16.5 V d.c.
Capacity: 110 mA/h
Internal fuse: M 4/250 V
Weight: 410 g  (.90 lbs.)
Cable gland: PG 13.5

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