Emergency Power Supply Unit

The 1570 E-Module provides an emergency power supply for direct current actuators.

In the case of loss of mains supply, the E-Module supplies power to the connected d.c. actuator by means of integral rechargeable battery.

In normal operation the battery is held on trickle charge from the main voltage.

The required final position of the actuated unit on loss of mains power can be programmed by means of a selector switch.

The setting of the switch can be sealed against unauthorized interference by a transparent cover over the switch lever.

LED indicators built into the unit show whether the mains supply (yellow LED) or the emergency supply (red LED) is in use.

Type 1570
Emergency power supply unit built into a universal compatible plastic housing, designed for incorporation in a control panel or direct mounting onto the corresponding GEMÜ actuator.

Type 423 + 1570

Voltage: 110, 220 V/50-60Hz
Permissible voltage deviation: ± 10%
Power consumption: 35 VA

Output voltage: 20 V d.c. unsmoothed
Output current: 1.4 A
Input fusing: M 1.6/250 V
Weight: 970 g
Cable gland: PG 13.5

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