By-Pass Valves

bypass.jpg (9817 bytes)The standard GEMÜ diaphragm valve body can be supplied with a "By-Pass" valve machined into the main valve body. This design enables a smaller amount of process medium to flow through the valve by-passing the weir of the main valve. The valve is designed to be self-draining when installed in the horizontal or vertical position.
Available Combinations:

Main Valve size 1" through 3"
Valve Type 671, 672, 675, 640, 687, 695, 673, 688, 698

By-Pass size 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
Valve Type 601, 602, 605, 618, 641

All standard end connections, surface finish and components are available.

Main Valve              By-Pass Valve

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