Flow Transmitter

Flow transmitter featuring non-metallic internal components for the measurement and transmission of volume flow for inert and corrosive liquids.

The flow transmitter picks up the entire volumetric flow and is therefore insensitive even in the event of an uneven flow profile within a cross-section.

There is no need to adhere to a special mounting position or other installation parameters.  A mounting distance of 5 times DN on the inlet and outlet side is sufficient.

Components coming into contact with the medium are made of PVDF, with the shaft and bearings in a ceramic material.  The housing is made of PVC.

The electronic evaluation system including the sensor is mechanically attached to the turbine housing by means of stainless steel screws.

Rotation of the turbine is picked off inductively, with the speed of the rotor proportional to flow.

The turbine can be quickly, reliably and simply mounted and removed by means of a union with DIN bushes.

Type 3020

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